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Tue Oct 14, 2014, 7:30 PM
havent made one of these in a while but anywho 

i decided to change my name to Ari q v q

and yea thats all there is,,


Oct 14, 2014
:iconarisaphir:Arisaphir has changed their username (formerly PockyPaowy)

i so fucking tired

Wed Jul 2, 2014, 4:35 AM
and im done 
i  feel like complete shit 
and im sorry
but i just dont care anymore

u ignore me?
okai im used to it by now so im fine just dont talk to me again 

u think i ignore u?
okai fine im used to it by now just dont fucking talk to me again 

i know im the shittiest piece of shit the world has to offer but u dont have to rub it in my fucking face 

thank you so much for allowing me to be ur friend for 4 years
i honestly thought wed be friends for alot longer than that 
but i seemed to have forgotten that everything is temporary thanks for reminding me
u have a tendency to do things without thinking of others feelings
u once did somehting that made all of us think u died
u made claire start crying in the middle of fucking class bc of how worried she was 
i know i messed up and i know u wont talk to me again but honestly
i dont care anymore
i have other things to do than to be feeling butt hurt about it
u should stop feeling butt hurt about it to 

get over yourself
everybody cant fucking be there for u when u want them to
they all have a life they all have other friends they all have others things to do they all need sleep  they all need food and they all have school or a job they need to go to so just shut the fuck up saying everybodys ignoring u 
everythings not all about u sweetie
i enjoyed being ur friend for the most part but u lie about things to much and i cant really trust ur word
sometimes being alone is better than being surrounded life has taught me that much 
maybe u need learn a thing or two from it

and after saying all that i feel alot better now
i have more important things than to be feeling butt hurt about losing friends
i mean i lose them all the time 
and everythings temporary 
i lose some i gain some 
i cant beat life so ill just let it be 
ive never lost friends and still had some way of contacting them 
i just wanted to take the time to tell u thank you 
i really enjoyed our time together 


Wed Jul 2, 2014, 2:26 AM


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Happy birthday Paowy~! I hope you had a super wonderful day! * 7 * )
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